Chaplin Chair


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    Retro, vintage - old is back in style. Paired with a tulip table or solid wood table, the Chaplin chair turns heads or seamlessly blends in.

    A Pop of Colour

    Monochrome or unicorn by nature, flaunt your colours. Wrapped in velvet, the Chaplin chair is offered in various hues and adds a touch of colour to the dining room.

    Stars of the Room

    Because there can be more than one star at the dinner table. In the dining area, Chaplin steals the show. Accompanied by her buds, she blends into the decor or awakens the room with a bold design and lively colour.

  • Features

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    Material Velvet
    Colour Velvet, Black
    Base Material Black
    Mechanism None
  • Dimensions

    Height : 33.5'' (86 cm)
    Seat Height : 19'' (49 cm)
    Width : 18.5'’ (47 cm)
    Depth : 19'' (49 cm) 

    Chaplin Chair - Côté 1
    Chaplin Chair - Côté 2
    To rotate
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