Care Instructions

Do you want to keep your recent MUST purchase looking like new? Here’s everything you need to know to maintain a long-lasting finish on your furniture and home decor.


Like all organic materials, wood is unique to tree from which it came. It is therefore perfectly natural to see variations in grain or colour. It is these variations that give furniture its texture and authentic look.

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Luxurious in appearance, leather and imitation leather enhance your decor with their elegant and modern look. Glossy, matte or coloured, this upholstery offers a range of possibilities.

Real Leather
Imitation Leather


Marble is relatively rare stone of great beauty. Each piece is unique, which is one of the most attractive features of this noble, durable and natural material.

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Fabric comes in a wide variety of fibres and weaves to suit any interior style. From sofas to blankets to cushions, fabrics will enhance your space while creating a warm look.

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Chic and soft to the touch, velvet is timelessly elegant. Covering a sofa or simply on a cushion, it will refine your decor and lend an inviting look.

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Sheepskin & Fur

Real or imitation, fur and sheepskin warm up your space while adding a luxurious accent. Their unparalleled softness make them an essential accessory when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere.

Real Sheepskin & Fur
Imitation Sheepskin & Fur


Robust, durable and malleable, metal lends itself to all forms and functions. Sourced from materials such as steel, iron, brass, copper or chrome, it adds a touch of polish to any room. Opt for metal to create a modern or industrial look.

Copper and Brass

Acrylic & Plastic

Transparent, opaque or coloured, acrylic and plastic are widely used in furniture manufacturing. These durable materials offer a wide variety of tones and shapes. Lustrous and light, they will illuminate your interior space.

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Basket weaving is the art of braiding objects using twigs or dyed plant fibers such as wicker, rattan or cane. These objects include seats, backrests, baskets and even woven storage containers with lids.

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