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How to Choose
the Right Cushions

Cushions are the ultimate decorative accessory, adding a touch of colour, texture and comfort to any room. But with so many sizes and styles out there, narrowing down your options is no easy feat! Here’s how to tap your pillows’ full potential and find the perfect ones for you.

Size Wise

Stay away from the extremes and avoid choosing a cushion that’s too big or too small. A tiny pillow will look out of place on a huge sectional sofa, after all! Opt instead for a variety of sizes and create one or two focal points with smaller cushions layered in front of larger ones.

Patterned Perfection

Liven up your living room with a cushion featuring a geometric, graphic or ethnic motif. To avoid visually overloading your decor, steer clear of mixing too many different styles and be sure to pair your patterned pieces with solid colour styles.

Cushions Everywhere!

Too many cushions? No such thing! Furnish your living room with a floor model that will provide additional seating while creating a cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget about decorative cushions for your bed, either!

But First, Comfort

While a cushion makes for the perfect embellishment, its primary function is, of course, comfort. A cushion can add some much-needed support to a deep chair or turn a stiff backrest into a more accommodating seat. As a treat for your neck or lower back, choose a lumbar pillow style.

All About the Assortment

No more taking a uniformed approach—mixing and matching your cushions is where it’s at today. Combine your favourite colours and fabrics to give your bed or sofa a stylish boost.

Feeling inspired?

Enhance your decor with our selection of cushions in a variety of colours, textures and prints.