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Craft your own holiday wreath

Here’s a simple way to get in the holiday spirit: light a few candles, put on a festive playlist and craft your own decorative wreath.

We caught up with Nadine, owner of Prune les fleurs, to design a DIY project for you that can be done in 6 easy steps. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional artist to pull this off!

Gather your materials

• a base made of vine branches, a metal circle or metal hanger bent into round shape;
• pruning shears;
• malleable metal wire;
• a variety of greenery, branches and grass;
• a nice glass of eggnog (of course, why not!)

You can find everything you need (or just about!) in the Prune les Fleurs section at our 3 MUST Société stores.

Nadine's tip

At Prune les fleurs, we’re obsessed with bases made from branches of vine. Not only do they make it easier to insert your greenery, but once the holidays are over, you can remove the plants and decorate the wreath with dried flowers, or simply save it for the following year.


Form bunches of greenery

Unleash your inner florist! Using your pruning shears, trim or cut off the branches of your greenery and create several small bouquets by binding them with wire.

Add dimension to your wreath by mixing and matching different species of plants.

Nadine's tip

If you plan to hang your wreath indoors, choose greenery that dries well — like magnolia leaves, baby blue or cinerea eucalyptus, cedar and rosehip branches. If you intend on hanging it outside, you can also include branches from trees such as pine, fir, juniper and larch.


Attach the bouquets to your wreath

Insert the bouquets between the branches of your vine base or place them on your metal hoop, then secure with wire.

To give your wreath a sense of volume and movement, position the bouquets clockwise and secure a few on the inside of base and others on the surface.

Add your touch!

Select your favourite grass and thread it between the bouquets to add a soft dimension to your wreath. Consider chasmanthium latifolium (pictured), or even a branch of rosehips, a stalk of eucalyptus or dried flowers.

Decorate your wreath

Garnish your wreath as you see fit! Gather your embellishments and attach them to the bottom of your wreath by wrapping them with wire — no hot glue required. Or, choose a ribbon and make a beautiful slip knot or loop you can use to hang the wreath on your door.

Nadine's tip

We’re big fans of Maison Note, which offers a range of silk ribbons tinted with natural vegetable dyes.


Show off your work of art!

Hang your wreath using a small nail or metal support that fits over the door. Ta-da! Now you have the perfect decoration to create a cozy and festive space.

Let the festivities begin!

For tips, supplies or to order a custom wreath, visit any one of the three Prune les fleurs sections at MUST Société stores.

Happy Holidays!