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5 tricks to never
kill a plant again

Dreaming of growing an urban jungle but can’t even manage to keep a cactus alive? Nadine from Prune les fleurs shares the secrets to having a green thumb.

Light: Can’t live without it

Let’s face it: a plant without light won’t last very long. All plants need at least some sunlight, so find somewhere that isn’t a windowless bathroom to put those succulents.

Dampen, don’t drown

Most people have a tendency to overwater their plants. Allow the soil to dry out between each watering and adjust the amount of water according to the plant’s size. Simply put, a small crassula and a huge sansevieria don’t call for the same dose.

the life cycle

Avoid repotting your favourite plant during fall or winter, as it is most likely in a dormant period. When a plant’s metabolic activity is reduced, it may not be able to cope with the change!


Moving day

There’s no need to repot for repotting’s sake. Transfer your plant to a roomier pot when you notice new growth, lots of roots, or when it appears to have reached its maximum size in the available space.

Mark your calendar!

Being organized has its benefits. Set aside some time, once per week, to tend to your plants. This will help prevent overwatering or drought.


Seek guidance

Looking for personalized advice? Visit Prune les fleurs inside MUST Société stores. One of our experts would be happy to help in your choice of plants.