10 Easy-Care Plants for a Green Home

Plants are a great addition to any home, whether they’re to purify the air or liven up your space. That said, these small specimens need more than just love to thrive, so to simplify your plant-care routine, we asked Nadine—botany enthusiast and owner of Prune les Fleurs—to share her top picks of low-maintenance plants that won’t let you down, even if you forget to open the curtains or water them for a day (or three).


With leaves that look like little jewels, haworthias grow mainly horizontally, making them the perfect choice for creating pretty table arrangements.



Your search for fade-resistant flowers ends here! Calandiva, also called flowering kalanchoe, is a durable plant featuring double-petalled flowers that can last as long as 5–6 weeks.


Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant with abundant, speckled leaves that will add a luminous touch to your decor. But be warned: its sap is toxic, so place it high up and out of reach from children and pets.

Ficus Elastica

Purify your air with a ficus elastica! Also known as rubber fig, this plant is loved for its dense foliage and depolluting properties.


Lovely and bushy, this spreading evergreen perennial charms with its deep-green leaves, delicately veined in red, pink or white to add a subtle splash of colour to your space. 



Indestructible—or just about! The zamioculcas plant is easy to grow and happy even in low-light conditions. Its shiny leaves and vertical growth also make it a unique plant pick!

Crassula (or jade plant)

Crassula is a succulent plant that will stay by your side! Known for its longevity, it can easily last for generations and even grow a bona-fide thick trunk.


With its long, drooping stems, the hoya plant makes the biggest statement suspended from the ceiling, creating an abundantly verdant effect. When it comes to maintenance, it needs next to none.


Create a green oasis in record time with the easy-to-propagate Pothos plant and its rapidly growing aerial roots.



Available in several forms, sansevieria shines in modern-style spaces. Practically unkillable, it can withstand a missed watering or two rather well.

Time to add some greenery to your living space!

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can find the perfect plants (and advice) at Prune les Fleurs in MUST Société stores.