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The Memo

Take note! Explore our quick reads to discover decorating tips, practical advice and inspiring ideas for your home.

  1. Twice as nice in Griffintown

    Our store has expanded—and twice the space means twice the selection! Just like Peel Street, MUST Société in Griffintown has undergone a makeover to inspire, awaken your senses and offer a greater shopping experience than ever before.

  2. In conversation with Montreal photographer James A Rosen

    We love beautiful things, especially when it’s local art. Let's see what lies behind the lens of James A Rosen, a Montreal-based photographer who has captured our attention and whose selection of works is available exclusively at MUST.

  3. 10 Easy-Care Plants for a Green Home

    Plants are a great addition to any home, whether they’re to purify the air or liven up your space. That said, these small specimens need more than just love to thrive, so to simplify your plant-care routine, we asked Nadine—botany enthusiast and owner of Prune les Fleurs—to share her top picks of low-maintenance plants that won’t let you down, even if you forget to open the curtains or water them for a day (or three).

  4. 5 tricks to never
    kill a plant again

    Dreaming of growing an urban jungle but can’t even manage to keep a cactus alive? Nadine from Prune les fleurs shares the secrets to having a green thumb.

  5. 7 ways to maximize space
    in a small living room

    When you live in a townhouse, condo or apartment, it may seem like you need a special set of math skills to enhance your small living room. Here are our tips for choosing, styling and arranging your furniture to maximize space and make your living room look even larger than it really is.

  6. How to Choose
    the Right Cushions

    Cushions are the ultimate decorative accessory, adding a touch of colour, texture and comfort to any room. But with so many sizes and styles out there, narrowing down your options is no easy feat! Here’s how to tap your pillows’ full potential and find the perfect ones for you.

  7. Wall Art Ideas to Try

    When it comes to showcasing your wall decor, the perfect location is yours for the picking. Forget the traditional, eye-level trio of frames and let your imagination run free to create a bold arrangement that reflects your style. Check out our creative art displaying tips.