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Take note! Explore our quick reads to discover decorating tips, practical advice and inspiring ideas for your home.

  1. Top tips for making your floral bouquet last

    Flowers are, without a doubt, one of the best gifts to give—and get! Whether you love them for their vibrant colours or fragrant scents, the only thing that would make a bouquet better is if it lasted forever!

    Luckily, Nadine from Prune les fleurs shares her top tips on picking the best blooms for each season and keeping your flowers looking fresh for longer.

  2. Spotlight on Frida Kahlo in Griffintown

    Following its resounding success in Spain, the biographical exhibition of Frida Kahlo has arrived in Montreal’s Griffintown district. We simply couldn’t miss the chance to check out this new exposition, located only a few steps away from our store!

  3. Set Up Your Outdoor Space in 4 Easy Steps

    A well-planned exterior space is essential when it comes to living summer to its fullest. Whether you’re looking to get away from it all, enjoy laid-back days under the sun with your friends or relax as you gaze up at the stars, unforgettable memories start with a magical, tailor-made space. Here are our top tips.

  4. On the menu: Lemon olive oil cake with local honey

    At MUST, the holiday season is synonymous with simple pleasures and presents to give or keep! Our Christmas basket embraces this spirit with its indulgent mix of useful and delicious gifts. Laura, foodie and founder of the blog Dash of Honey, drew inspiration from our Christmas basket to create a savoury cake using lemon olive oil and wildflower honey.

    So, say goodbye to the traditional yule log and bake a light, succulent and fluffy dessert that will wow the whole table this festive season. Now, come on. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to discover the baking tips and key ingredients you’ll need to create this can’t-miss cake!

  5. Craft your own holiday wreath

    Here’s a simple way to get in the holiday spirit: light a few candles, put on a festive playlist and craft your own decorative wreath.

    We caught up with Nadine, owner of Prune les fleurs, to design a DIY project for you that can be done in 6 easy steps. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional artist to pull this off!

  6. Twice as nice in Griffintown

    Our store has expanded—and twice the space means twice the selection! Just like Peel Street, MUST Société in Griffintown has undergone a makeover to inspire, awaken your senses and offer a greater shopping experience than ever before.

  7. In conversation with Montreal photographer James A Rosen

    We love beautiful things, especially when it’s local art. Let's see what lies behind the lens of James A Rosen, a Montreal-based photographer who has captured our attention and whose selection of works is available exclusively at MUST.

  8. 10 Easy-Care Plants for a Green Home

    Plants are a great addition to any home, whether they’re to purify the air or liven up your space. That said, these small specimens need more than just love to thrive, so to simplify your plant-care routine, we asked Nadine—botany enthusiast and owner of Prune les Fleurs—to share her top picks of low-maintenance plants that won’t let you down, even if you forget to open the curtains or water them for a day (or three).

  9. 5 tricks to never
    kill a plant again

    Dreaming of growing an urban jungle but can’t even manage to keep a cactus alive? Nadine from Prune les fleurs shares the secrets to having a green thumb.